CRM & Account Management

Turn contacts into customers. Put prospects and customers at the center of your business. Manage Contacts seamlessly


Business Process Automation

From scheduling routine follow-ups to finding clients who haven't paid on time, automation can save you time


Customer Service Handling

Collect all types of customer feedback, track enquiries and provide timely responses. Wow your customers


Designed to keep your brand, side-business and professional practice well rounded, and rolling.

Meet and exceed your monthly sales goals.

  • Increase sales, repeat customers, recurring income, and customer retention - while saving time
  • Email & SMS Marketing Made Easy. Reach your target audience effectively. Focus on growing sales while we handle the delivery.
  • Keep track of all of your appointments and deadlines in one place
  • Collect Stellar Customer Reviews: Get customers raving about your brand

Tried and trusted by small business owners and independent professionals like you..

A System all Service Business Owners Need. Prior to using Myco, I had to use different platforms to achieve my business goals. This way of working didn’t sit well with me but I had no choice. But thanks to Myco, who came along and took all that worries away! Now all my business systems are in one. From my booking system to contract sending to clients (and clients can sign online) to invoicing and following through on leads.


My experience with Myco has been nothing but amazing. The support is ace always getting back to me when I need help, asking the right quest To enable a swift resolution. Myco continues to add more features to improve the customer experience. I definitely refer my clients to give it a go. Allow me the cliche ‘a trial will convince you

Marian, Business Coach

Really helpfull software to track my leads, my payments, and my clients orders.Easy to use interface and with many more capabilities that I need to integrate soon in my workflow.

Iakovos Strikis, Photographer


All-round coverage for your business management needs.

£9.99Atom1000 CUSTOMERS
  • Forms
  • Customer lists
  • Customer insight
  • Email marketing
  • SMS marketing*
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  • Everything in Atom
  • + Invoicing
  • Customer agreements
  • Service centre
  • Website integration
  • Appointment Booking
  • Customer reviews
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£49.99Galaxy10000 CUSTOMERS
  • Everything in Orbit
  • + Free Training
  • Increased Storage
  • Premium Support
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is MyCo only for service-based businesses? Can I use it for my products based business?

MyCo helps both types of businesses. For businesses that provide services, MyCo speeds up your sales process by providing you with landing pages, appointment booking, recurring invoicing, signing of customer agreements, collection of reviews and email/sms marketing, all powered with automation to save you time but get your sales faster. If your business sells products, MyCo can integrate into your website to automatically capture one-off purchasing customers and lead them through a series of customer insight and email/sms marketing using tools in MyCo, so you can turn them into more frequent buyers. The result of these are more sales from both new and existing customers.

Do I need a website to use MyCo?

Can I embed/integrate my forms onto my website?

What payment system is MyCo integrated to for collecting payments from my customer?

Can I create a landing page in MyCo?

Does MyCo have email automation? Can I setup my campaigns here?